• 7.30 am
     Departure from your hotel in Rome to Sorrento.
  • 10.45 am

 About arrival in Sorrento: it is located 47 km from Naples on a tuff terrace, a city definitely full of
vegetation (famous for its lemon trees) and a mild climate. Its origins date back to the ancient
Greeks, but the historic center clearly shows an orthogonal layout of Roman origin. It is precisely
in its historic center that the major points of interest of the place are located, such as the Church
of S. Francesco d’Assisi and the Cathedral, rebuilt in the fifteenth century.

  • 13.30
     Recommended stop for lunch in a local restaurant where you can taste typical Mediterranean fish
    and seafood.
  • 15.00
     Arrival in Positano: it is in the province of Salerno and geographically belongs to the Amalfi coast.
    It has been a holiday resort since the time of ancient Rome. It is said that Positano owes its name
    to a ship that carried a painting of the Madonna Assunta before those lands; there was no wind in
    the air and the monks who were on board the boat heard the words “Posa..Posa” coming from the
    painting, that is: “stop there”. So they stopped on that coast and brought the picture into what is
    now the central church of the country. In the morning the picture was no longer there, but it had
    miraculously returned to the sea shore, where the Benedictine monks then erected a church
    dedicated to the Assumption Madonna, subject of the miraculous picture.
  • 18.00
     Departure for Rome with a recommended stop on the farm to taste real buffalo mozzarella and
    typical local cheeses accompanied by a good Italian wine.
  • 10.30 pm
     Arrival in Rome and return to the hotel.
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