8.00 am  Destination Pompeii. Departure from your hotel in Rome.  

around 10.00  Arrival in Pompeii: it is certainly not surprising that UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site. It was completely buried by lava following an eruption of Vesuvius in ’79, a misfortune that now allows us to visit a real complete testimony of the society of the time.  

13.30  Departure for Naples.  

2.15 pm  Arrival in Naples: the capital of the Campania region.  The climate of Naples is typically Mediterranean, characterized by mild and rainy winters and hot and dry summers, but we must never forget the refreshing sea breeze that is rarely missing on its gulf. In Italian and European art the role of Naples has always been central. This is demonstrated by the numerous testimonies in Renaissance and Baroque style: the Cathedral of S. Maria Assunta, the Church of Trinità Maggiore, the Church of the Girolamini. Vesuvius acts as a symbol for the city.  

6.00 pm   Departure for Rome with a recommended stop at the Caserta dairy (around 7.00) for a tasting of real buffalo mozzarella and typical local cheeses accompanied by a good Italian wine.  

9.00 pm  Arrival in Rome and return to the hotel.


UP TO 3 PEOPLE: € / H 45.00

FROM 4 TO 8 PEOPLE: € / H 60.00

The total duration of the tour is 13 hours

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