Remember that...
If you want it is possible to do a guided visit in all the Galleries and Museums of Rome and surroundings that organised temporary expositions.

It is also possible to do a guided visit with bicycle with advance of minimum 2 days.


  Modern And Contemporary Rome
  • The palaces of the Power: Quirinal, Montecitorio (place of the Camera), Palazzo Madama (place of Senate)
  • Rome between XVII and XVIII centuries: Spain’s Square, Piazza of Popolo, the Borghese’s Gallery (reservation with 2 days of advance)
  • Rome, the capital of Italy: the Viminale, Via XX Settembre, Republic’s Square, Via Nazionale, Exposition’s Palace.
  • Piazza Esedra, Aula Ottagona, Santa Maria degli Angeli, Baths of Diocleziano
  • E.U.R. Palace of Civility of work (Square Coliseum), Palace of Meetings,  Palalottomatica, Obelisk of Guglielmo Marconi, Church of St. Pietro and  Paolo
  • Villa Torlonia and Casina delle civette (reservation with 2 days of advance)
  • Contemporary Rome: Piazzale delle Belle Arti, National Gallery of Modern Art GNAM
  • Near the Termini station: Piazza Esedra, Baths of Diocleziano, Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Octagonal room