Welcome to the web site of Sara Tomassini and Benedetta Mazzanobile. We are two tour guides authorized, ready to show you the best places of Rome and surroundings, and more. We propose classical and original itineraries, for adults and for students, in different typology: archaeological, historic, artistic and naturalistic itineraries. We’ll walk with you across the squares and roman monuments, also out of touristic circuit.

Also you can chose a guided visit in the more interesting Museums of Rome, all the Gallery and temporaries expositions. Finally, if the request arrive in time it is possible to organise a special visit in places usually closed to the public, to ask at the Superintendence a special entry. It is possible to chose your tour in the following list or decide the itinerary ACCORDING TO your interest.

Also we can organise an exclusive tour with a private mini bus or a special car with driver for 8 peoples.

It is also possible to do a guided visit with bicycle with advance of minimum 2 days.